Best Practices

By , September 18, 2009 6:52 am
  • Care and Rehabilitation: Till June ’09, 347 destitute have been admitted to the Society from which 208 have been relieved on mental and physical recovery after proper care and treatment.
  • Dam Silt Cleaning: Majri Dam lake silt was removed to de chock the buried pipe lines and the water supply to the fields was revived. The dam was out of work for last seven years as the silt got deposited in its wells and pipe lines due to lack of preventive maintenance. The dam was a multi lakh rupees project made to conserve rain water for irrigation. The villagers complained many times to the concerned department to sort out the problem but they were told it is difficult to restart the dam. The dam silt approximately 20 feet was removed within 10 days. The main well was raised to three feet and new pipe line was laid. Later on the concerned department praised the work done by the Society and ensured the technical help in future.
  • Cradle was put at main gate of the Society to accept the unwanted child. The motive was to control female foeticide to improve sex ratio. Two unwanted baby girls were received on different times in the cradle. Later on both were adopted by childless couples through legal procedure.

Major Issues:

  • Scarcity of land and building is a major concern.
  • Inadequate funds lead to function under debt and insufficient staff and facilities to the inhabitants.
  • Segregation of inhabitants suffering from contagious diseases could not be done because of their high numbers and scarcity of rooms.
  • Non availability of diagnostic center leads to shuttle the patients to various hospitals.

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