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palaThe number of helpless mentally/physically disabled, orphan, missing and unclaimed persons is increasing day by day. It is felt that there is need of big cities for such people because they are required to be kept in separate wards or sectors according to their mental & physical condition. The city made up of ‘Facilitated Homes’ having families each one comprising one old aged, two or three young inhabitants of similar mental status. Each home should be in form of two/three bedroom flat. Two to three devoted caretakers will give their kind services for each family, which can lead them to a comfortable happy life. The city should be having diagnostic centers and a multi specialty hospital.

In each sector of the city there should be a park, playgrounds, recreation and health centre, special schools and training centers for differently able people. Special teachers, trainers, counsellors, doctors and care takers should be there for proper care and rehabilitation of them. The city should also have worship place with Origin Search Kendra. There should be various competition programmes for such people to enhance confidence among them.

The city must have its own agricultural land and dairy farm to fulfill the daily needs of food.

Such town is urgently required because most of the empowered people are not giving adequate attention to fulfill even survival needs of helpless and needy section of the Nation. Similar cities should be established in various part of the world to serve the needy humanity.

How this dream can be true!

Some kind people are offering their selfless services to this Society. They are helping by all means. But the Society needs more and more kind people to come forward to help the helpless. If the need of more land, buildings and other required facilities for helpless be met by selfless and kind hearted people, the dream can be put to reality.

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